The International Conference ``Nonlinearity, Information and Robotics''

(3 - 6 December 2020)

The International Conference «Nonlinearity, Information and Robotics» is orientated towards academic and engineering experts in the multidisciplinary areas of Nonlinear sytems, Information technologies and Robotics with emphasis on both theory and applications.

Main topics

  • Nonlinear dynamics;
  • Classical and quantum chaos;
  • Nonholonomic mechanics and multi-body dynamics;
  • Algebric and geometric methods in dynamics;
  • Nonlinear control of vehicular and robotic systems;
  • Unmanned aerial and ground vehicles;
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems;
  • Computer and robot Vision;
  • Human-Robot Interaction & Coordination;
  • Neurotechnology and neuroscience;
  • Brain-computer interface;
  • Micro/Nano robotics and automation;
  • Soft robotics;
  • Software engineering for robotics and automation;
  • Intelligent and AI based systems;
  • Security, privacy, and trust;
  • Software architecture;
  • Validation and verification.
  • Scientific Committee

    Anatol Pashkevich, IMT Atlantique, France
    Anton Shiriaev, NTNU, Norway
    Dmitry Treschev, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS, Russia
    Alexander Tormasov, Innopolis University, Russia
    Sergej Fatikow, University of Oldenburg, Germany
    Anastasios Bountis, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
    Jee-Hwan Ryu, KAIST, South Korea
    Allahyar Montazeri, Lancaster University, UK
    Stefano Nolfi, ISTC, Italy