“Modern methods of nonlinear dynamics” - school for young mechanicians and mathematicians SYMM 2022

(3 - 7 October 2022)

The main purpose of the school was to provide young researchers (undergraduate and postgraduate students and research workers) with an exposure to specific methods for investigating mechanical systems. The term “mechanical systems” is used to mean both finite-dimensional systems of classical mechanics and infinite-dimensional systems described by partial differential equations.
Two mini-courses were held: “Methods for obtaining and investigating solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations” and “Integrability of Hamiltonian systems”, and several special lectures were delivered.

Program committee: Academician V.V. Kozlov, Academician A.G. Kulikovskii, and A.T. Ilyichev

Organizing committee: A.P. Chugainova, V.V. Markov, I.Yu. Polekhin

The school was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (Agreement No 19-71-30012), the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia (grant for establishment and development of the Steklov International Mathematical Center, No 075-15-2022-265) and the Ural Mathematical Center (Agreement No 075-02-2022-889).