Autumn school of robotics "Modern Methods of Robotics and Control Theory"

(13 - 18 November 2023)

An autumn school of robotics “Modern Methods of Robotics and Control Theory” will be held from November 13 through November 18, 2023, at the Sirius University with support from “Rosatom”.

Within the framework of the educational program, the students will be provided exposure to modern approaches and methods of investigating problems of current importance in mechanics, robotics and control theory, familiarize themselves with formulations of relevant topical problems in applications and acquire knowledge and skills in using modern analytical and numerical methods of solving them. Special attention will be given to problems and applications in mobile robotics, to problems of planning and controlling the motion of robotic systems with limitations, to problems of modeling and constructing robotic systems that possess elements of autonomy and adaptibity, and to modern methods of robust motion control.

The educational program is part of the professional training curriculum of the Master’s degree course “Mathematical Robotics and Artificial Intelligence” of the Sirius University and will allow a wider audience of bachelors and master’s degree from Russian universities to familiarize themselves both with the scientific work of leading scientists of Russia, including the Sirius University, and with practical problems of current importance, and with projects and research conducted by industrial enterprises, partners of the university.

Exposure to the above-mentioned educational program will considerably expand and improve the participants’ knowledge and allow them to acquire new competences necessary for professional activities as research engineers and (or) as junior research workers in developing and analyzing robotic systems and applications, and (or) competences required for enhancing their professional level within the framework of qualifications they already have.

World-renowned scientists, such as F.L. Chernous’ko, E.S. Briskina, M.M. Kogan and others, are expected to arrive as invited teachers.

Deadline for submission of applications: October 13, 2023.

Applications for participation in the forthcoming educational program of the Scientific and Technological University “Sirius” can be submitted by bachelors, master’s degree students and postgraduate students of Russian universities according to their fields of specialization. Those who have passed competitive selection will be provided free travel, accommodation and meals during training.