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Vetchanin Evgeny Vladimirovich

Ph.D. (Candidate of Physics and Mathematics)

Associate professor of Department of Theoretical Physics at UdSU.

Junior researcher of Laboratory of Nonlinear Analysis and the Design of New Types of Vehicles at UdSU.

Universitetskaya 1, Izhevsk, 426034 Russia


  • Born: October 15, 1986.


    In 2008 graduated from Izhevsk State Technical University.

    2012: Thesis of Ph.D. (candidate of science). Thesis title: "Numerical analysis of the motion of a body with variable mass geometry in a viscous fluid", Institute of Mechanics UB RAS.

    Positions held

    2006–2007: technician programmer, «Izhevsk Radiozavod»

    2007–2013: part-programming engineer, «Izhevsk Radiozavod»

    2006–2010: Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering of the Department «Mechatronic systems» at ISTU.

    since 2013: Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical Physics at Udmurt State University; Associate Professor of the Department «Higher mathematics» at M.T. Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University.

    since 2013: Junior Researcher of the Laboratory of Nonlinear Analysis and the Design of New Types of Vehicles at UdSU.