International conference «Winter School of Robotics at the Sirius University – 2022»

(25 January - 6 February 2022)

34 speakers from 6 countries who represented 21 scientific organizations participated in the conference. The speakers familiarized the conference participants with the current status of research projects and applied endeavors under way at Russian universities and at leading technical schools abroad. The main objective of the conference was to provide the participants with an exposure to new ideas, approaches, algorithms and technical results that are applied in developing robotic applications, modeling robotic systems, calibrating various models, synthesizing the control systems of robotic devices, and in testing and using robotic systems in applications.

Among the conference participants was Ivan S.Mamaev, chief researcher of the Ural Mathematical Center. He gave a series of lectures on the fundamentals of development of dynamical models of mobile robotic systems and their experimental testing. I.S.Mamaev gave the following three lectures at the conference:

  • Use of Quasi-Velocities in Constructing a Mathematical Motion Model
  • Systems with Nonholonomic Constraints. A Two-Wheeled Mobile Robot. The Model of the Chaplygin Sleigh. The Roller Racer
  • The Plane-Parallel Motion of an Aquatic Robot
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