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Professor A.V. Borisov (27.03.1965–24.01.2021)
Professor Alexey V. Borisov, Editor-in-Chief of the journals RCD and RJND, suddenly passed away at the age of 55 on January 24, 2021
Chaplygin Conference
International Conference «Scientific Heritage of Sergey A. Chaplygin: nonholonomic mechanics, vortex structures and hydrodynamics»
VIIth International Conference «Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems – GDIS 2018» will be held June 5-9, 2018, at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Teсhnology, Moscow (Dolgoprudny), Russia.
Our congratulations to Ivan Mamaev on conferring the honorary title of Professor of the RAS!
Our Journals
The programs for development of our journals "Russian Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics" and "Computer Research and Modeling" have been selected by NP "NEICON" during a competition held for supporting the improvement of the quality of Russian journals.
The International Scientific Workshop “Recent Advances in Hamiltonian and Nonholonomic Dynamics”
The main goal of the Workshop is to bring together specialists in mathematics and mathematical physics to exchange experience and knowledge about the recent developments in the field of Hamiltonian dynamics, nonholonomic mechanics and other related areas of science and to stimulate further research on these topics. Special attention will be given to application of the theories to practical problems and computer-aided analysis.
In the course of the International Conference GDIS2016 a presentation of OMNIwheel robots' tango took place. These robots are the result of the joint work of the Institute of Computer Science and the Laboratory of Nonlinear Analysis and the Design of New Types of Vehicles of UdSU.
Sixth International Conference "Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems – GDIS 2016"
This conference is orientated towards academic and engineering experts in nonlinear dynamics, nonholonomic mechanics, classical and applied mechanics, systems with friction, biomechanics and related elds, with the focus on the cutting-edge theoretical research and the interaction between theory and practice.