Summer School of Robotics - 2022

(28 June - 12 July 2022)

A conference entitled "Summer School of Robotics - 2022", organized by the Sirius University with the assistance of the state corporation “Rosatom” and the Ural Mathematical Center, was held from June 28 to July 12 in the federal territory “Sirius”.

Robotics and interfacing disciplines are among the most rapidly developing fields of science and technology at present. Discussion of the planned topics during the conference will make it possible to familiarize the participants with the current status of projected-related research and applied activities carried out both at Russian universities and at leading technical schools abroad.

The purpose of the conference is to exchange competences and familiarize the participants with new ideas, approaches, algorithms and technical results which are applied to develop robotic applications, simulate robotic systems, calibrate various models, synthesize control systems for robotic systems, and to test and use robotic systems in applications.

The program of the conference can be downloaded from link.

A short video covering the results of the conference has been prepared by the Sirius University.