The 9th international forum of technological development Technoprom-2022 was held in Novosibirsk from August 23 to August 26, 2022.

During the forum, the Ural Mathematical Center was represented by Yurii L.Karavaev, senior researcher of the Laboratory of Nonlinear Analysis and Design of New Vehicles established for scientific and educational purposes at the Udmurt State University. He gave a talk entitled "Development of Scientific and Educational Environment in the Mathematical Center for Scientific and Technological Development of the Region in the Area of Robotics".

In his lecture Y.L.Karavaev made a review of the activities of the Ural Mathematical Center and presented the key research directions in the area of mathematics, mechanics and hydrodynamics aimed at developing and manufacturing mobile robotic systems possessing operational characteristics and advantages over the classical vehicles and mobile robots, and reported on the experience of developing the prototypes of robotic systems and algorithms for controlling them.