Spring robotics school

A spring robotics school was held at the Sirius University from April 17 to April 22 for university students and young specialists who aspire to expand their skills in this area. The school was co-organized by “Rosatom” and the Ural Mathematical Center.

The spring robotics school is part of the basic professional training program for holders of master’s degree in mathematical robotics and artificial intelligence at the Sirius University. This program provides undergraduate and graduate students from various universities of Russia with an introduction to the research work of leading scientists of Russia and the Sirius University, to practical problems, projects and studies of much current interest. This will allow the participants to acquire practical skills and abilities which are necessary for a successful career in the area of robotics and artificial intelligence.

“Rosatom” was a partner of the school. The participants could familiarize themselves with the latest technological developments in the area of robotics and had the opportunity to use modern equipment. The exchange of experience and knowledge between the participants in the school is an important contribution to the development of robotics in Russia.

282 applications were submitted from over 80 educational institutions of the Russian Federation for participation in the spring robotics school. As a result, 100 students from 26 institutions of higher education were selected.

The educational program consisted of 5 modules:

  • Scientific lectures;
  • Practical master classes;
  • Lectures of industrial partners on topics of much current interest;
  • Poster sessions of undergraduate students relating to their projects;
  • Introduction to the Sirius University (sightseeing program, preliminary examination for admittance to the master’s degree program).

During the week, the participants studied the process of manufacturing the robots using the most modern technologies and tools. The speakers shared their knowledge, helped the participants to acquire new skills and to apply them in practice.

Lectures on machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, computer vision and many other topics were delivered. One of the most interesting lectures was that devoted to artificial intelligence, its application in robotics, namely, the possibilities opened up by using artificial intelligence in creating robots, and problems that can arise when it is used.

The Ural Mathematical Center was represented by Yurii L. Karavaev, senior researcher at the center. He gave a lecture to undergraduate students on various kinematic configurations and designs of mobile spherical robots, and on methods of modeling their motion.

The participants in the school visited the laboratories and learnt more about the projects that are being developed at the Sirius University. Conversations with experts and representatives of leading companies specializing in robotics allowed the participants to learn more about the tendencies, skills and knowledge required on the labor market.

The participants also demonstrated their knowledge and skills in the area of robotics and shared information about their own projects, such as dancing robots, load-lifting robots etc.

Among the participants in the school was Anna Berdnikova, a fourth-year student at the Udmurt State University, who prepared a poster presentation on the topic “Qualitative Analysis of the Dynamics of a Sphere on an Absolutely Rough Surface" under the guidance of Ivan A. Bizyaev, chief research worker at the Ural Mathematical Center. Her presentation aroused great interest among the participants.

At the conclusion of the school, the best participants who demonstrated a high level of knowledge and skills in the area of robotics were awarded. They were offered the opportunity to undergo on-the-job training in the company “Rosatom” and to continue their training in the area of robotics.

The spring robotics school at the Sirius University became an important event in the area of robotics in Russia. The school allowed the participants to improve their skills and knowledge and provided them with an exposure to the newest technologies and equipment which are being used in robotics.