16th All-Russian Multiconference on Control Problems (MCCP-2023)

In the period from September 11 through September 15, the 16th All-Russian Milticonference on Control Problems (MCCP-2023) was held at the Volgograd State Technical University.

Scientists and academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences assembled to discuss the results of fundamental and applied research into control processes and their practical application in various areas.

Among the 400 speakers of the conference were researchers from of the Ural Mathematical Center:

The multiconference included four local scientific and technical conferences:

  • Robotics and mechatronics (R&M-2023);
  • Control in Distributed and Network Systems (CDNS-2023);
  • Control of Aerospace Systems (CAS-2023);
  • Control in Promising Above-Ground Transportation Systems (CPATS-2023).